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Remodel   /  Turn Your Current House Into A New Home!

With our creative remodeling you can have a fantastic new look, from a small addition to a total home renovation we can give you that new home look and feel!


Remodeling: A True Investment

Deciding to remodel part of, or your entire home is an investment in your future. It may look daunting as you picture the project, but the benefits are worth it! Whether you're expanding a space, providing maintenance-level renovations to keep your home in perfect shape, or need to improve your property, all of these changes add to the curb appeal and overall value of your home.



Remodeling for Energy Efficiency

When a new home is built, it is easy to start with energy-efficient materials and appliances. Remodeling an older house to be up to the same standards is a tougher job but still possible. 

The process costs money upfront but will save in the long run and even earn you money if you choose to sell your home. Upgrading a home to be eco-friendly can even come with tax credits, most commonly when you affix solar panels to your roof and in your yard.

When working on energy efficiency in your home, options to consider include:

  • Solar Panels

  • Energy-efficient windows

  • Insulation improvements

  • Lighting

  • HVAC system improvements



Remodeling for Home Value

Making your home more energy efficient is one of the recommended renovations for increasing home value, but there are other options to consider. Bathrooms are a bit of an investment when it comes to remodeling projects, but even small changes can make a big difference. Replace old fixtures with energy-efficient new ones, and ask us about what other options we have to brighten up a room! The same goes for the kitchens - it's easy to go all out on kitchens and bathrooms. If your budget is limited, make the small visual changes to give your kitchen that updated look.

Replacing your carpets is an affordable update. If you have hidden hardwood floors, don't go back to carpet - clean them up and you have instant value!



At Biedron Builders, we love giving rooms and homes a fresh start. Our diligent customer service team is waiting, so call or email us today for a quote!

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